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1969 MGB GT

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We've begun going to wonderful shows and cruise-ins, please check this site frequently because we are adding new events.    Please help us help all of you find nice shows to attend by sending any ones you hear of to us.  Please remember that we will need contact information and as much detail as you can provide. It has been very hard to get the promoters of shows to contact us with changes or cancellations -- please help us by telling us of any changes or cancellations you hear of.

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This website depends on the co-operation of promoters and car enthusiasts providing us with information about shows to post.  We don't have access to information on all shows, so if you know of a show that is not listed on our site, please let us know.  We mainly list shows in the Central Shenandoah Valley area.   This website is an excellent place to find shows for Antiques, and Classic cars.   Please feel free to use our Contact page to comment on our site or to provide us with information you might have on Shenandoah Valley area events. You can also send e-mail to:

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Free Listing of Cruise-ins And Car Shows in the Shenandoah Valley!

1965 Mustangs:  Coupe and Convertible

Picture used with the permission of vehicle owners.

April 16, 2020 :  COVID-19 is making our lives miserable.  I know everyone would love to get out to some car shows soon.  

The reality is that we are probably not doing anything much except for occasional exercising of our cars for several months.

Please stay in and stay safe, I'd love to see you at shows in the future!

I have received several notices of cancellations and have not had the time to respond to each one individually.  It is a huge undertaking to delete events, and repost them when we all can get back to normal.  For that reason I will not be deleting events currently listed.  When all shakes out and we can get back to normal I will welcome any changes that people want to send me; at that time I will make any necessary adjustments to this website.  

Thank you for your understanding!

Margaret Dailey

Just a reminder:  the only place to get additional information is through the contact provided in the listing!

PLEASE READ!  This website was created to help people find car shows.  I need everyone's help getting information!    Please send me information about events AND to help get the cooperation of promoters.   Thanks to those folks who have been contacting me!  Please keep it up and encourage others to contact us also, you are very important to the success of this website!

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In other words... everything that is put on this website is done so with the information either directly supplied to us, or obtained from various sources.  We do not certify the authenticity of the information provided.  We recommend that prior to the event, you check with the contact listed for any possible changes.  We may not have ALL of the info for the events; please utilize the contact and website links (if provided) for answers to your questions.  We are not responsible for typos or information incorrectly presented to us or errors in the sources we utilize.  This website is a service we are providing for the general car enthusiast to find cruise-ins & shows as well as organizations sponsoring cruise-ins or car shows.